Small Business Funding

We work with small and medium-sized businesses to get money for you while you remain focused on building your business. Receive a decision within 1 day. We only represent transparent, top rated and quick-turnaround providers who have already delivered over $10 billion to businesses like yours. 

Need to expand? Want to take advantage of volume discounts? It’s your business, so you get to decide how the funding is used.


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Live The Life You've Always Wanted

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Our Purpose is to Set People Free...Personally, Professionally, and Financially.

For the large percentage of people who struggle with debt and credit problems, we offer debt freedom through our Financial Fitness products and services.


And for those who are underprivileged, disenfranchised or victims of disaster, we offer functional freedom through our Life on Life Initiative and charitable outreaches.


Creative Funding Consulting (P.L.A.N.)

Do you dream of owning your own business but think you can't afford to or have the time to dedicate to being successful? Are you stuck in a job that's sucking the life out of you? Do you have an idea for a side-hustle? If so, I'll walk you through my formulated PLAN to get you headed in the right direction, offer creative funding ideas in order for those of you on a budget to keep moving forward in planning your business without all the financial hassles. 

YOU Matter Outreach

AKA: Organizational Pairing)

Are you a small business, school, church, or sports group looking to start a fundraiser? Do you want to make a difference by using community support to fund your project? Perhaps you are wanting to get your employees engaged in friendly competition to boost morale, increase production, and improve customer service.  I pair businesses with reputable charity organizations to collaborate on events to raise much-needed funds by helping them create a fundraiser or use one of the most trusted and profitable ones currently out there.

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Attract and Maintain Positive Relationships

Telephone or FB Chat only are currently available for consultations and coaching sessions.


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