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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

We all have areas in our lives that need attention. Getting back to the basics with fresh eyes can open doors that were once thought to be closed. In order to align yourself for greatness, you'll have to change certain areas of yourself and your life.

Let's take a look at some areas that get overlooked whenever we think about wanting things to change:


Abraham Lincoln once said, "Reputation is the shadow. Character is the tree." Our character is defined by our ability to distinguish between right and wrong and continue to do right regardless of the outcome. It is what we do when no one's looking that matters. It's what's on the inside that radiates through our outer being that can determine success or failure. What are you radiating?


Owning up to our mistakes and shortcomings can be a hard pill to swallow. We all have the choice to admit where we fall short and learn from our mistakes, but do we take ownership or play the blame game? If you are not where you want to be in life, take a step back and think about the part you are playing in the situation. Did you get turned down for a promotion because of your attitude? Did your relationship end because of something you are/are not doing? Are your kids acting up because of your behavior? Is your bank account less than you want because of poor financial management? What are you saying to yourself about yourself? Throughout our lives (and at the end), we will be judged by our actions. It's time to start being honest with yourself and others.


We all have responsibilities in our lives. Whether it be academic, relationships, employment, or taking care of ourselves in a manner that promotes positive growth and better contributions to society. There are days when I want to stay in bed and watch cartoons all day ignoring anything that resembles being an adult. Sometimes I get tired of being the only one paying the bills, getting my kid off to school, taking the dog out, or even getting out of my pajamas. The bottom line is...I chose to be single, I owe the bills, I had the kid(s), I got the dog, and chose a career that involves leaving the house. Whatever we signed on for, we are responsible for. It might be time to figure out what can be taken off your plate to alleviate stress--mental, physical, and financial (P.S. Don't get rid of the kids).


The environment can play a major role in our personal and professional growth--as can the people we surround ourselves with on a regular basis. Not everyone can move to another state and reinvent themselves like a few of us have, but it is an option in order to put yourself in a better position to achieve your dreams and goals. If you want to work on the beach, living in Kansas won't get you there.

As far as the people in your lives go, we all have the familial haters and peer suckers who will try to keep us at the level they have grown personally accustomed to. Once we choose to go against the grain, something odd happens. The friends and family we have counted on to have all the answers to life's tough questions can become the most negative people we have ever met once we step out of faith and take a different path. It's not necessarily that they don't want us to succeed-- they don't want to admit they fail. What can you change about your current environment?


We need to stop settling for table scraps when we were meant for seven-course meals! We need to be that hungry for change that we dissect yourselves and find out where our hidden talents and strengths are to use them to our advantage. Once you know who you are, you'll have a better understanding of your self worth, needs, and the ability to make the correction in your thought patterns to empower yourselves to make the necessary changes and improvements. Read more about self-awareness here.


Once you take up residence in mediocrity, it can be difficult to imagine a better life. We can fall prey to self-sabotaging behaviors and ruin our chances for greatness. We can think we don't deserve better relationships, a raise, nicer house, or a better job because it would feel like we are being greedy and unappreciative of what we have already been blessed with. If you are tired of living in mediocrity, struggling in any area of your life, or want to start a new adventure, schedule a consult! I would love to work with you in person, via Skype, or over the phone.

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